About me!

Hello! I am an 11-year-old girl named Makena. I enjoy many things like dancing, playing my ukulele and piano, reading/spelling, and organizing, but baking has always stuck with me. After baking with my mom when I was younger, I developed an interest with the math, technique, and perfection involved when it comes to baking anything.

My mom is a health coach and she has taught me many things that I have used in baking. (Even though she wants me to pick up on cooking meals too.) You will see I have substituted ingredients like canola oil or corn syrup with coconut oil and maple syrup. This substitution causes our bodies to be healthier and happier. Also, I recommend using organic ingredients found in any store.

For your information, I have won third place in the Johnson County Baked Goods Contest and bake a different treat every weekend in between my other hobbies. I hope that one day I can enter the Kids Baking Championship, when I am more advanced.

I’d like to thank my parents and little sister supporting me with this commotion that will never end. Endless dirty kitchens, teaching lessons, and taste testing has brought me stronger and I will have you know that all of my baked goods have been gone in less than a few days. I hope that you will use these recipes fondly and enjoy baking as much as I do.

Love, a fellow baker, Makena- @ Makena’s Baking Addiction